Central Illinois Conceal Carry

Central Illinois Class to get a Conceal Carry Permit to Conceal Carry a Firearm in Illinois

Central Illinois Conceal Carry - Central Illinois Class to get a Conceal Carry Permit to Conceal Carry a Firearm in Illinois


Central Illinois Concealed Carry License Peoria IL Class

NRA Certified Instructor

We are Illinois State Police Certified Conceal Carry Instructors and NRA Certified Instructors – 8 hour Pistol Safety & 8 hour Illinois CCW  Onsite Indoor Range at our Classroom –  Central Illinois Conceal Carry – Peoria, IL

Welcome to Central Illinois Conceal Carry

Obtain your Illinois Conceal Carry License.

At Central Illinois Conceal Carry, we offer highly-informative gun safety classes, while making the process of getting your Illinois Conceal Carry permit, fun, easy, and affordable. Central Illinois Conceal Carry was founded in 2013 and we have been teaching classes since the introduction of Conceal Carry in Illinois.
This course will consist of the 8 hour Pistol Safety and an additional 8 hours of Illinois Conceal Carry material to cover the following:

  • Conceal Carry Act
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Prohibited Areas
  • Justifiable Use of Force
  • Unlawful Use of Weapons
  • Dry fire/Live fire Practice Drills
  • Shooting Qualification
  • Casual Classroom Environment
Click on our CCW Info page for all the details surrounding CICC Classes and CCW information.
We offer classroom instruction on Illinois CCW.
We also offer 5 year – 3 hour renewal classes.
We encourage each and every one of our students to join the NRA. You will get a significant discount on your NRA membership if you use the link on our website to join the NRA.
We have an onsite indoor range that allows for year round training. Our classes are not affected or canceled by inclement weather due to our indoor range facility. Your ability to shoot for CCW qualification purposes will not be hindered by the weather since we utilize an indoor range. We offer extra range time at either location for our students under the guidance of an Instructor. Our outdoor range is for handgun, shotgun, and rifle shooting.
Our class also qualifies you to obtain your Florida CCW Permit With your Illinois and Florida conceal carry Permits you will be able to legally carry your firearm in 35 States. We will provide you a Florida application upon successful completion of our class, at no additional cost.
Central Illinois Conceal Carry Instructors are: Illinois State Police Conceal Carry Instructors, NRA Certified Instructors, NRA Range Safety Officers, Glock Armorer, Affiliate Instructors for Next Level Training, Homeland Security FEMA Certified Active Shooter, Illinois Hunter Safety Educators, and NRA & ISRA Life Members.
            NRA RSO Training Counselor