Central Illinois Conceal Carry

Central Illinois Class to get a Conceal Carry Permit to Conceal Carry a Firearm in Illinois

Central Illinois Conceal Carry - Central Illinois Class to get a Conceal Carry Permit to Conceal Carry a Firearm in Illinois

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Carry a Concealed firearm in Illinois

Fletcher’s Hard Target Guns & Ammunition –

For some of the best prices on firearms, factory new ammunition, reload ammunition, FFL transfers ($30.00), and all around firearm merchandise & apparel. We specialize in Glock, Springfield, Smith and Wesson M&P, and AR Platform Rifle Systems.

Contact Jerry Fletcher at 309-645-1163 to price your new firearm today.

How an FFL Transfer works:

Should you decide to buy a gun online from a larger online dealer or purchase outside of the State of Illinois, advise the seller that you want your purchase sent to Fletcher Hard Target Guns & Ammo. Simply contact Jerry with your order number and he will send them the FFL number they are needing. Jerry will contact you when the firearm arrives and then agree on a time to meet you to make the transfer.

You will be required to:

– Present a valid Illinois Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) Card

– Fill out a Form 4473 Federal Firearm Transaction Record which is provided at no cost

NOTE: If you are purchasing a handgun, the waiting period is 72 hours; if you are purchasing a rifle or shotgun, the waiting period is 24 hours. Illinois law now allows the waiting period to start when you placed your online order. The receipt that normally accompanies your purchase will act as proof of the waiting period. However, there are times when the FOID system does not issue instant approvals. If you need 100% certainty that you can pickup your firearm on the day it arrives, please contact Jerry and you can do your paperwork in advance (Federal law does not allow us to run your FOID card until you fill out the 4473 form). It is that easy!


Glock Perfection  sig sauer Smith and wesson ruger beretta  remingtonspringfieldmossberg rock river bushmaster Colt

Firearm Concealment – Shelves/Mantles/Headboards

Custom fireplace or wall mantles – From $75.00 – $300.00

Mantle 6     Mantle 5  Mantle 4Mantle 1  Mantle 3Mantle 7


Pistol Range Bullet Traps – $2,800.00

Target area 32″ x 48″ – These are for use with .22 to .44 magnum pistol ammo if you are building your own firing range.  Use only FMJ ammunition with these traps. All welded steel construction. Offset 8″ Centrifugal deceleration chamber. Designed and built in Peoria, Illinois. Unit weight 343 pounds. Shipping will be added to purchase price, or you can pick them up direct. These are custom made to order, 4 week lead time. Email or call 309-303-0514 to place your order.


Portable Target Stand – Fasten any size piece of plywood to this rugged stand and staple your target – Great for close or long distance range use. $225.00

bullet trap 4 bullet trap 1