Carry a Concealed firearm in Illinois

Class Photos:

photo 1
The Inaugural Class
Gun Cleaning
Gun Cleaning Exercise
Cicc Class
Conceal Carry Class
3 hour renewal class
The leading Instructor team in Central Illinois.
The leading Instructor team in Central Illinois.
Instructor Wingate
Instructor Wingate on remote location
NRA membership Drive at Bass Pro Shops
NRA membership drive at Gander Mountain
NRA Membership drive at Scheels
NRA membership drive at Scheels
Stud Instructor
Normal Firefighter Class
Remote offsite class in Bloomington
Illinois Hunters Safety Class
Illinois Hunters Safety Class
CCW Qualification
Rachel B
Nice Shots!

Pictures of qualifying for Conceal Carry at our onsite indoor range:

CICC Indoor Range
Indoor Range Practice
Practice on the range
CCW Qualifying
Personal Protection Inside/Outside The Home – Functional Props for Training
Cover vs. Concealment
Cover vs. Concealment Drill – Personal Protection Advanced Class
PPITH - Knock Knock
Personal Protection
PPITH cover
Shooting From Cover
Instructor Siems leading the class
Instructor Siems leading the class
Muzzle Flash
Muzzle Flash & Bullet Velocity