FOID & Conceal Carry License Application Assistance

Application Submission Service

Central Illinois Conceal Carry will submit your application directly to the Illinois State Police for your Illinois Conceal Carry permit and Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID).

Our License Application service is designed to assist applicants with the entire application process quickly and conveniently. The service is intended to streamline the application screening and review process, thereby reducing the time it takes the Illinois State Police to issue a license once the application package is submitted. Because applications are submitted at our office, individuals will be asked to set an appointment for this service. By having us submit your information to the Illinois State Police there is less likelihood that the application will include errors or omissions that will result in processing delays for your permit.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

You should have with you the following items/documents when you arrive at our classroom to submit your Illinois Conceal Carry License:

      • A driver license or state-issued identification card
      • Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID)
      • Previous address history for the past 10 years
      • Training documents or certificates that confirms you have completed the required training
      • DD-214 or other documents for an 8 hr. exemption
      • Cash, check, or credit card to pay for the permit
      • Fingerprints are not required for your permit
      • We will take your photograph
      • $25.00 fee for us to submit your CCW application

Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) Application:

      • A driver license or state-issued identification card
      • Cash, check, or credit card to pay for the FOID
      • We will take your photograph
      • $25.00 fee for us to submit your FOID application


Other Things:

It is our hope that you support your local gun stores in your area, but should you decide to buy a firearm online allow us to shed some light on how this is done. Most gun stores will allow you to ship a gun in to them that you bought off an internet gun dealer. Contact them for the information you will need to have the firearm shipped to them.

How an FFL Transfer works:

Should you decide to buy a gun online from a larger online dealer or purchase outside of the State of Illinois, advise the seller that you want your purchase sent to a local FFL. Simply contact the FFL dealer with your order number and they will send them the FFL number they are needing. The dealer will contact you when the firearm arrives and then agree on a time to meet you to make the transfer.

You will be required to:

– Present a valid Illinois Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) Card

– Fill out a Form 4473 Federal Firearm Transaction Record

NOTE: If you are purchasing a firearm in Illinois, the waiting period is 72 hours.

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