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The NRA is you — its members, millions of Americans representing a diverse contrast of age, sex, race and religion. You are patriots one and all. You believe in the Constitution, staunch in the defense of your rights, and you actively pursue some of this country’s finest traditions – Sports Shooting & Hunting. Since its incorporation in 1871, the NRA has grown as a service organization involved in all aspects of the shooting sports and a proud defender of the Bill of Rights. The firearms Instructors at Central Illinois Conceal Carry want each and every person that attends our classes to join the NRA. Join us in the fight for the right to keep and bear arms. Click this NRA link and you will get a significant discount on your desired level of membership. The benefits of being a member are numerous:

NRA Member Benefits
These basic membership benefits are automatically included with your NRA Annual Membership or Life Membership, along with special members-only discounts and services.

  • An official NRA Membership ID card – showing your Membership ID number and expiration date or Life Member status. You should carry this card with you at all times.
  • With all regular memberships, you will get a choice of subscription to American Rifleman, American Hunter, Shooting Illustrated, or America’s 1st Freedom.
  • Junior members receive a subscription to Insights.
  • The most important benefit of NRA membership, however, is the defense of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. NRA-ILA tracks the issues and alerts members about legislation involving firearms and hunting at the federal, state and local levels of government. Successful legislative action begins with you — the individual member. For information regarding legislative action or to become an ILA grassroots volunteer, call 1-800-392-8683.




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